Still Me, Just a New Blog

Hey friends! Well I’m not a bride anymore (boo!) I’m a married woman.

Although there won’t be anymore posts here, there will be plenty of new ones on my new blog! Make sure you read it, its pretty awesome. I mean its still me, just a new blog. Plus its all about my trials with running and getting back into my baking, because you know I actually went to culinary school for patisserie and baking. Its going to be about my new married life and all the fun shenanigans I get myself into. So anyway make sure you read it! Oh and the name is pretty awesome, who doesn’t love sweets or a good work out? I sure do!

sweats & sweets … learning life one workout & pastry at a time

End to a New Beginning

The time has come. Its here. This is the last post as my old-self . I will no longer be an Ogletree this afternoon. I’m dealing with every emotion that is possible as of right now. The biggest one is excitement. I could hardly sleep last night knowing what today would bring. All the girls are here, my family and we’re all chilling getting the very final things done.

Last night we had our rehearsal. I cried. It was so real, it finally felt like I was getting married. The dinner was also very emotional. Tears of joy were falling from everyone’s eyes. Zach and I are so lucky to have such amazing parents and family. The speeches were all heart and just overwhelmingly happy. I couldn’t of asked for a better ending.

Its today. I’m so excited. I can’t wait for my dad to walk me down to Zach. Ohhmmyygod I can’t wait to see Zach! We are both going to have the “gasp” moment when we see each other. I have not seen him in his tux. He wanted it that way, and I like it. I mean, why should I see him if he hasn’t seen me? I know I will cry when the time is right, like when my dad starts. Then when I read my vows. Needless to say, I can’t read through them without crying, so how am I going to be able to say them? That might be tough.

This is my final post as Tales of A Bride-To-Be. I am very sad to let it go. I’ve seen myself grow up throughout the posts. From the way I write to the how I describe things. Its funny what you go through in a year and a half. I will miss this old thing. But not to get too sad, there is a future remember? Come Monday there will be the next step, next move in my bloggie life. A new blog. Its up and ready my friends!

My heart is fluttering, I will be a wife by this afternoon. I will be someone’s partner, best friend, companion, shoulder to lean on, someone’s better half. I will have someone to share life’s greatest moments with. I am so lucky, God truly has blessed our lives.

I want to thank you all for reading this, commenting on posts and just reading through my life. Thank you for following every memory with me.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”- Seneca

Mom is Here..

to clean! Ha! Just kidding, no seriously.

No I don’t just need my mom to clean my house, although she did today and it looks 100% better than when I clean. I love having a free maid. Besides me forcing her to clean, we are doing lots of wedding stuff in the next 2 days. She flew is last night and we’ve already decided on flower colors, lipsticks ( and lip stains), and nail colors. You know the important stuff in life. Last night we discussed what was going on the gossip magazines, because all of it is true, and poor Zach couldn’t hear the tv. Then him and I were forced to watch Dancing With the Stars, finally I talked everyone into watching The Biggest Loser (I always tend to get my way) and then it was time for bed, at 10:30. That is a late time for us, but mom was keeping us up talking about working out. I’ve been told I shouldn’t run incase I hurt something. Yeah right. Running is my way of clearing my mind with the chaos in my life.

I really need my mom to keep me focused. She is good at only attending to one task before even starting another and then getting stressed or upset because you’ve wasted time going back and forth. Hmm, sounds like I’ve done that before..a lot.

I also need her because she’s my mom, and I’m getting married. This is her time to help with the final details. She is the one to keep me calm, she knows me better than anyone else. Her and I are the same person pretty much. I will say I am super happy she is here, and not just because she can clean a house like no one else. I’m happy she is here to see all the hard work I’ve put into this wedding and to be proud of me.

Its hard to believe my wedding is 3 days away!


I am thankful for so many things this week. Like the calmness I now have even though I am getting married on Saturday. I am thankful for this:

 Leading to this: 

Which lead to this (this weekend!): 

I’m also thankful for my parents, allowing me to follow my dreams of becoming a Pastry Chef :

Yes, this captures how none of us can coordinate together and look at the correct camera. But being allowed to follow my dreams has lead me to be able to things like this:


With becoming a Pastry Chef I now have my dream job helping with wedding cakes.

I’m also thankful for being a runner.


My legs have carried me 81 miles within a month and a half. Thats pretty crazy. Needless to say its brought attention to health in my life and I’m super thankful to only of had one serious injury and not multiples.

All things lead to what is next in life. I’m just thankful for God having this amazing plan for me and where its brought me in my life.  If you would of asked me where I would be 3 years ago, I would of said “taking x-rays, probably living close to home..maybe still dating.” Now I can say, “I’m almost married, having an awesome career, and a life worth being thankful for; everyday”.

What are you thankful for this week?

My Love for Clemson

My longest relationship in love has been with my Clemson Tigers. 10 years ago I was introduced to this gorgeous place…

Death Valley, Clemson, South Carolina. The first game I went to was exciting, I remember trying to do the Tiger Rag and pretend I knew what was going on. They won and the contagious spirit of the crowd had me hooked. Since then I have been a true, Solid Orange fan. I have these lovely people to thank for my love of Clemson:

Tony and Anne-Marie. Tony is the main one who fully wanted to introduce me to a game He was the ultimate fan. Anne-Marie and I have attended many games in the same beat-up Clemson flip-flops. I’ve had my pair for 6 years now, gross. I need new ones.

The second person is Tyrone. Oh Tyrone, he is Tony’s best friend and someone I’ve grown up around. All 3 of these people have seen me grow up in 10 years, and both Tony and Tyrone treat me as a little sister. Many Saturday games were the 4 of us. I considered all of them family. Great times. I also had the chance to take some friends, and of course I took my best friend Audrey

This was 2007, the first fall after we graduated high school and first game together. I had short hair, I hated it. She sadly didn’t have a Clemson shirt so she borrowed one of my millions. We also share the same love for oversized shades. She had a great time, from what I can remember. That was so long ago. She too loved the atmosphere and contagious spirit. Thats the beauty of Clemson, they just make you feel like a fan even on your first game.

I love college football. I really, truly do. Love it so much I make things into my favorite team’s signature.

Yes, that is cake from my work in the shape of  a Clemson paw. Also I have things around the house that I must have, like my favorite fleece pillow

You best believe I sleep on that thing after every win. And I have tons of options for gameday, (any day for that matter) 

Speaking of which they won (AGAIN!) Saturday. They are now 5-0 and on top of the ACC. Here is my victory shot

I felt that one was a little intense, but all for happiness! 5 wins! Such a great start to the  season…did I mention we won again? 

Yes, my love for Clemson runs deep. Its forever in my heart. This is something truly special to me. Without wonderful people who introduced to me to this amazing team I would of been a Georgia fan, or worse a Georgia Tech fan. Gross. But thankfully I am a Clemson fan. Forever Solid Orange!

October is Here

Ohh-mm-gee its October 1. Who is excited?! Me! Not only is it my favorite month, first because its my birthday month and now my wedding is happening in October and its really fall. This month is packed with greatness. First on the calendar is my wedding! Next Saturday I will no longer be a bride-to-be, I will be a bride and Mrs. C-ra-zy! Then, its my birthday that Friday after and I will be 23. Getting closer to 25…sc-a-ry! I hope I get a Happy Birthday Wife card, I mentioned it to Zach. Who knows if he was actually listening. Plus, Menchies sent me an email for a free froyo! Score! Maybe I will try the new chocolate dipped banana.

After yesterdays post, I’m feeling 100% better now that I got it out there. Plus I ran yesterday, just for 25 minutes. Didn’t even track my milage, just wanted to run the heck out of myself. Also ran this morning, just a 5K. I was scheduled to run two 4 milers this week, but I was not feeling up to it. Thats the good thing about a schedule, you can fit it around your life, or drive to get outside. The weather this morning was amazing. I didn’t run till 11 am and the temp was only 66° with 42% humidity, hello fall! Love the cooler weather. I even took my time this morning, wasn’t in a rush. I really just wanted to enjoy the outdoors. The sky is beautiful, I pray it looks the same next weekend. 

And Clemson is playing Virginia Tech tonight at 6. Should be an intense game! Clemson is now ranked #13 and VT is #11. Exciting! (Go Tigers!)

So awhile back I had mentioned that this wasn’t fully the end on my bride-to-be blog. And this week I wrote a post about all my previous memories and what-not. Some have guessed and some have asked, so here is my answer. Yes, I will continue to blog…but not just about being a new wife. About my journey to figuring out life one sweet and sweat at a time. No more clues, you’ll have to wait until I launch it. But I give the name to my second

–> sweats & sweets; learning life one workout & pastry at a time.

Happy Saturday! Off to deliver some gorgeous wedding cakes!

An Answered Prayer

So yesterday I woke up feeling weird and not myself. I was seriously shaken by what was going on in my head and the affects were making me feel very vulnerable. I woke up feeling extremely nervous. Nervous to wear my body was getting this wave-like rush every couple of minutes. I mean, I slept all night, didn’t need coffee, had a great breakfast. The moment I picked up my purse it hit me like a ton of bricks. The intense sensations just got worse. The drive to work was a weird one, I felt like I had taken an allergy pill and was getting so sleepy. Honestly the drive wasn’t memorable. I got to work before anyone else and called my daddy. I knew he could help me. So I called and told him exactly what was going on and he asked if I was depressed. How could I be depressed? I’m getting married in 9 days, (that was yesterday, today its 8 days away) and told him no. I’m happy about all this. Then we talked about how stress can trigger an emotion of depression and it last a day or hours. Well the moment I said I was on the verge of tears, I lost it. I was crying and freaking out that I couldn’t stop. Not being in control was my weakness. I wasn’t in control of what was going on. I managed to calm down before I went into work. I prayed that I would just get through this, not be affected by all of this stress.

I think I know what made this happen. I honestly have not be able to feel like I’m getting married. I’ve been stressed, but thats due to planning and family members, I’ve been nervous only about details. Yesterday I actually felt like I was getting married in a couple of days. I finally got a grip on all of this and getting married is a big deal. I’m allowing myself to feel this. How I described it to Zach was, “I felt this way at my high school graduation. It was a good case of nerves, you know where your stomach is flipping and you just get jittery.” He looked at me like I was crazy. The last time I felt this way was earlier this year when I graduated college. It felt like high school graduation all over again, I like those case of the nerves. This is just 100% more intense. I’m not sad about getting married, I’m thrilled. I have this amazing man who wants to marry me and be with him for the rest of our lives. He even puts up with my bribing for foot rubs.

Well after work it was Girls on The Run and what a coincidence we talked about emotional health. This was the answer of my prayer. A chance to express what type of feelings I was dealing with. Needless to say the emotions of a 3rd-5th grader are not the same as a 22 year old woman. But with similarities we all feel sad, happy, excited, nervous..a lot of the girls felt glamourous and rockstar. Its just something that really helped me with all this wedding planning. My GOTR is an escape in my hectic life.

All it takes is that feeling that your prayers were answered. God answered mine by letting me have the chance to express emotions to some awesome young girls. I had a chance to teach on what some feelings are and how you can fix or embrace them. I leave you with a picture I took on the way to work.

It was my heart saying, “He is right there. You can capture Him and always turn to Him for your answer.”

Nightmares & Coffee

Over the past couple of days I’ve been having some super bad dreams. All related to my wedding. The first one was a couple of weeks ago and not gonna lie, it totally freaked me out. I woke up mid-dream soaked in sweat, heart racing. As soon as I went back to sleep, the dream continued. How often does that happen?! Never. Apparently this one was too important for my mind to imagine something else so it continued on the worst possible thing. The nightmare went along with the day of my wedding. I was late to everything. Somehow I missed my ceremony, reception, Zach had left me because he thought I stood him up. By the end of the dream, I was a lonely bride left in Savannah alone. How depressing. You can see why I was so panic-struck. When I woke up mid-dream I was in the part of running downtown (in my dress) to the Pink House (like millions of blocks away) trying to get there in time. When I fell back to sleep I was still running. So the next couple of dreams have been along the same line, just either I’m late or the whole location is changed and all of our stuff is missing. The last dream was with us in a completely different location for the ceremony and reception and everything was screwed up. Our cake was someone else’s and my dress didn’t belong to me. Total chaos of a dream.

With all this dreadful dreaming its leaving me exhausted in the mornings. I’m not saying I toss and turn, I sleep all through the night not waking up from these terrible nightmares. But the stress I go through while asleep, which FYI I didn’t know that could happen, it probably can’t but it does to me, leaves me completely and utterly a dead woman in the morning.

My hands looks awfully large in that picture. Zach clearly isn’t good at taking photos. My alarm goes off and I just lay in the bed as long as I can. The only thing that wakes me up in the vibration I hear on the bed from Zach texting me. Yes, my man texts me before he goes into work. We always wish each other to have a great day. Cuteness! My fix is brewing some coffee. I used to drink coffee all the time last year, but when Zach was in the hospital for his newly diagnosed colitis we went cold turkey on the coffee. I mean we drank it every morning, he made it when he got up and we fixed ours together. I know I could of continued drinking the delicious pick-me-up, but being the kind person I am, I gave it up too. I didn’t want to drink it in front of Zach.

However recently I have been having it every morning. Its the only thing keeping me going from 8:00 am to when I leave at 8:45 am. With all this delicious caffeine coursing its way through my body it gives me the jitters. Plus a crash later.

I’d say I have about 2 1/2 cups in my Starbucks coffee cup and add tons of sugar and creamer. I like my coffee to not taste like coffee. Weird. I just wish I wasn’t relying on it to wake me up from awful dreams. You would think running would calm my nerves, allow to dream of blissful things like cake or new clothes, possibly puppies. Sadly my calves, knees, and ankles are dying as we speak. From what I don’t know. They are super sore, I even had a post dedicated to my achy legs. Walking, no problem..when I have a jog to the mailbox…I go mad. The pain just comes up and will not go away for hours. Serious issue that needs to disappear.

Is all this normal being so close to the big day? I would love to know. These things are preventing me of being calm and not biting the heads off of my family.

What Happens Next?

Since the time is coming to a close on being a bride-to-be I am feeling a little sad. I’m having some minor break-up feelings with the blog. I mean this blog has been here to help me express day-to-day feelings on everything I come across. It all started with Zach and I moving into our new apartment a little over of a year ago in Orlando and feeling like adults signing our lease without our parent’s signatures (grown ups!) and then dealing with the pain I felt when my dad had his heart attack. I posted about the impact that had on me and how health became super important to my life and others I love. There is a super interesting post on the Orlando transit system that I had to take everywhere, everyday. I got to write about the New Year with new beginnings, with included graduation for both Zach and I. (FYI: I’m feeling super emotional typing all this, its very real. Trying not to cry because it will freak Zach out. Then I’ll have to explain its important to me and I’m stressed out so leave me be. I’m slowing typing, reminencing on every post I can think of.) I also wrote about the time we traveled to New Orleans in hopes of Zach getting a job with BMW and then finding out we were offered the job in Savannah! Oh how God has plans for us…then I wrote about us moving here to Savannah and having our dream jobs. Then came my love of running and how I had good/bad days with tons of silly pictures, all which I love. What else has been here? There is post from October 8th of  last year reminding everyone of my up and coming marriage. At that time I wanted to elope in Canada, along with many other wedding ideas. Never had a definite plan until June of this year. Some awesome posts are about my path with God and rekindling that relationship. The most recent days have been about my wedding related stress and how I’m coping with it by running on a ridiculous schedule.

The next few days before the big day are exciting, I mean really exciting! The more I think about it, the happier I get. I’m honestly trying to let go of my stress. Its turning me into a nightmare. Zach is just too nice to say it. I think in the on-coming days I will try to post as much as I can about my life like I normally do, just with more emotional  input. Read some of my past posts, they are all good. The time is coming to a close dear friend, get it all in while you can!


Its Starting

So Saturday morning I was about to head out on my long run and checked my emails before I ran out the door. I got this email, and not gonna lie it freaked me a good way and bad way. The good is I am marrying my best friend, my companion, my everything. I am so excited to marry Zach, thats the icing on the cake. The bad is the stress that comes along with planning this shindig. The stress is killing me. The stress is at a whole new level and its starting…

The WeddingWire email update about my own wedding. Thank you for making it known my wedding is 2 weeks away. Needless to say I wasn’t focused on my run. In fact, I bombed my run. I gave up on distance and just focused on how long I could run. The only thought going through was “I need to do this and get this in motion, oh I have yet to do this!” Negative pattern of panic thoughts. What is this wedding doing to me? Its totally throwing me off. I quit at the halfway point to take some silly photos in my huge Gucci sunglasses, oh and cool off. I was so sweaty, my butt left a print on the side-walk. Gross! It was already up to 87°.

I think I was just trying to delay the other half of my run. Sadly I only ran for 57 minutes, 3 minutes short of my goal. But in my defense it was uber-hot and uber-humid. Can “I’m getting married” be a excuse reason too? I also forgot my Clif Bloks. As you can see, the knee sleeve is back. Boo! I don’t know what was going on with my knee, but it was feeling a little iffy and weak again so I just ran with it. Hate that thing.

But now my nerves are starting to pick up. My wedding is 2 weeks away, that last week will be packed with work, running, family, stress, running to relieve stress and get away from my family (just kidding), and more stress. Ek. Scary/exciting/emotional. But its starting…right meow. (Cat Game from Super Troopers, love that movie.)

What were you feeling two weeks before your big day?